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Let's get wellthy - 2018 campaign

Are you ready to add to your wellth?

We'll start by saying: (1) No, we did not intend to type "wealth" and (2) Yes, we created a word. Now that that's out of the way, join us for a month-long initiative to help women jump start or continue their self-care efforts and to increase awareness about the self-care needs of women. Campaign starts September 1st!

Welcome to the Campaign

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Too many women are just "making it", "trying to get by" or "taking it one day at a time". We believe every woman, equipped with the right tools and resources, has the opportunity to live a life in an abundance of wellness -- where joy, self-discovery and balance abound. Join us as we celebrate National Self-Care Awareness Month through our "Let's Get Wellthy" Campaign.  Via live and virtual events, webinars, and a 30-day self-care challenge we're reminding women (and their support systems) everywhere that self-care matters and should be a top priority in their lives. Check out a listing of the events offered below and participate with us! The Campaign starts September 1st!  #SelfCareSeptember #LetsGetWellthy


30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Take part in our 30-day self-care challenge. Your mind, body, soul, emotions, relationships and wallet will thank you!

Charlotte, NC Events

If you're in the Charlotte, NC area, join us for a few live events focused on physical self-care. There's something for the entire family.

LGW Self-Care Bites

Our LGW Self-Care Bites are mini-webinars that provide quick tips on self-care topics. Stay tuned to this page for the release of weekly LGW Bites.

30-Day Challenge

2018 Events

A listing of 2018 events will be released on a rolling basis starting August 23rd!

Self-care is essential. Yet far too many women experience shame, guilt, and even fear when it comes to prioritizing their own care. Let’s Get Wellthy is about dispelling the myths around self-care and bringing greater awareness to this important topic.
— Alexandra Sampson, Founder | The SheFirst Project