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summer 2018 selection

The Art of Money

Join us starting June 10th for an 8-week discussion of The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. We'll review sections of the book and share perspectives. So grab your glass of wine or cup of tea (no seriously, we'll ask what you're sipping on) and join us!  Additional details (including how to read along if you can't join the live discussion and how to order your copy of the book), below.  

About The Book

Self-described ‘mamapreneur’ and founder of the Art of Money school, provides a new way of looking at money from the perspective of the emotions that it creates and how those emotions limit your ability to create financial growth and security
— Geoffrey James, Contributing Editor for Inc.com

This is the book your money–savvy best friend, therapist, and accountant would write if they could. It’s the book about money for people who don’t even want to think about money, until the arrival of that inevitable day when we all realize we must come to terms with this thing called money. 

Everyone has pain and challenges, strengths and dreams about money, and many of us mix profound shame into that relationship. In The Art of Money, Bari Tessler offers an integrative approach that creates the real possibility of "money healing," using our relationship with money as a gateway to self–awareness and a training ground for compassion, confidence, and self–worth. 

Tessler’s gentle techniques weave together emotional depth, big picture visioning, and refreshingly accessible, nitty–gritty money practices that will help anyone transform their relationship with money and, in so doing, transform their life. As Bari writes, "When we dare to speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins.".

Join the Facebook Live Kick-Off

Did you miss the Facebook Live 2018 book club kick-off? No worries, view the live recording. All subsequent live weekly discussions will take place in the SheFirst Virtual Book Club Lounge on Sundays at 5pm ET, beginning June 24th.

How to Join The Discussion

There are multiple ways to get in on the discussion!

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Head over to the SheFirst Virtual Book Club on Goodreads and post your thoughts on the book in our discussion forum. This is the hub for the book club so you can also connect with other book club members, read other members' thoughts on the book, and receive reminders about the live discussions. You can join our Goodreads group here.

Join The Weekly Live Discussion

Every Sunday at 5pm ET, starting June 24th, we will gather in the SheFirst Virtual Book Club Lounge for a live discussion of the week's reading assignment. To facilitate the discussion, the group is limited to 10 women on a "first come, first admitted" basis.  You can enter the Lounge here. (Note you must use one of the following web browsers to enter the Lounge: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera OR download the appear.in app)

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Reading Schedule

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Women & Finances

During Season 1 of SheTime Podcast, Host Alexandra Sampson chats with Bari Tessler about the topic Women & Finances, including Bari's book, financial therapy, money shame and other topics. Take a listen!

Buy The Book

You can obtain a copy of the book by clicking the link below.  Please note that by purchasing your book via this link, a portion of the purchase price will help benefit the programs of The SheFirst Project.  


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