We're On A Mission!


In a day and time where women wear multiple hats (wife, mother, daughter, career woman, student, caregiver), and sometimes all at once, they often neglect their most basic need – self-care.  The SheFirst Project is an initiative to help the modern-day woman put the most important person in her life first: herself. We're on a mission to help women around the globe nix self-sacrifice, and prioritize self-care. Because when you thrive, so do those around you.


Educating and empowering women in the practice of self-care.

It's strange to think that we, as adult women, need to "learn" how to take care of ourselves. However, for many women, the desire to prioritize self-care is often outweighed by the familiarity of self-sacrifice. The SheFirst Project is committed to developing programs and initiatives that equip women with the tools necessary to practice self-care.  Focus areas include: self-discovery, spirituality, health and wellness, relationships, career, and finances.


Building a community of women who are committed to supporting and helping each other.

The phrase "it takes a village" rings true when it comes to the practice of self-care.  The SheFirst Project creates opportunities for women to come together, network, and support each other in a fun, uplifting community.


Stimulating the minds of supporters about the importance of self-care for women.

The SheFirst Project is committed to raising awareness about the unique issues women face in prioritizing self-care so that their support systems (family, friends, and professional network) are better equipped to aid them in their self-care efforts.