Day 10 | 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


One day spending fast

A recent survey conducted by Student Loan Hero revealed that 3 out of 4 Americans have financial regrets. In fact, that same survey revealed that:

  • 46% regret not saving more money
  • 50% wish they’d saved more for retirement
  • 38% regret entertainment purchases, while 33% regret clothes purchases
  • 51% think they need to cut back on restaurants
  • 47% regret taking on credit card debt

Today, take on a one day spending fast. For one day you will not buy anything you don't need, and will only spend money on true essentials. 

So, what does this look like? Well, if you're used to eating your meals out, prepare them at home today and take them with you. Instead of the coffee run, try having the office coffee (come on, you'll survive just this one day). Expenses for medical items and normally recurring bills are okay.

Be sure to pay attention to the things you feel tempted to spend money on. Evaluate whether those items are things you can reduce or eliminate as a part of your budgeting on a go-forward basis.