Day 17 | 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


Narrow your food choices

To be vegan, vegetarian, paleo, flexitarian, or not to be? Those are the questions these days when it comes to what type of diet to adopt. No matter your position on the matter, we can all agree that healthy eating should be a top priority for living our best lives.

Today, narrow your food choices. (Yes, we know that’s a pretty broad and open-ended request.) Narrowing your food choices might mean eating only vegetables today, if you normally eat meat and have considered reducing or eliminating it from your diet. It could mean no fried foods or processed foods for the day. Maybe there’s something else you’ve considered eliminating from your diet, such as dairy, red meat, or foods made with gluten, but haven’t yet committed to doing so. Use today to try a different, yet healthy, option with your diet.