Day 22 | 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


Declutter a room or workspace

Have you ever needed to complete a task at work, but felt as if you couldn’t think straight because your workspace was cluttered? Maybe you’ve experienced the feeling of walking through the doors of your home and your mood dropping when faced with the mountain of housework just waiting to greet you. No, it’s not your OCD kicking in. Clutter can be a source of stress and, among other things, can make us anxious, bombard our mind with excessive stimuli, and inhibit creativity and productivity.

Take some time today to declutter a room or workspace in your home or office. You might tackle an entire room or just focus on a particular area within your space. Feel free to get the family involved and/or invite friends to help (especially, if you have a friend that has a knack for organizing). No matter the approach, you’re sure to walk into that area with a new pep in your step and more mental clarity.