Day 24 | 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


Schedule a mental health check-up

Today’s challenge may be a stretch (or leap) for some: Schedule a mental health check-up. We schedule annual wellness exams for our physical bodies, but many people do not schedule an annual mental health check-up. Just like our bodies, it is important to keep our minds fit.

If you have a relationship with a mental or emotional health professional schedule a time to catch-up with him or her. If you do not have a relationship with a counselor or therapist, consider conducting research to find one in your area. You might also check your employer’s benefit offerings to determine if an Employee Assistance Program (or EAP) is offered, which may cover a specified number of free, confidential assessments or meetings with licensed counselors and therapists.

Not quite ready to see a live therapist? Consider taking an online Mental Health Assessment or Mental Wellness Quiz. While this is a great way to check-in with yourself, please note online assessments / quizzes should not replace in-person consultations with a professional.