Day 9 | 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


Do one thing today just because it makes you happy

Obligations. Responsibility. Commitments. #Adulting is hard and often our lives are consumed by all of the things we "have to" do, and very little of the things we do because we enjoy it.  While we can't always do what we want, there may be something to the #treatyoself and #yolo movements. Yes, our lives need a certain level of structure and order to run effectively, but sometimes it's okay to take off the "responsible person" hat and just live a little.

Today, do one thing just because it makes you happy. Maybe it's treating yourself to that dessert that you've avoided due to its caloric profile. Perhaps its going to your favorite park. Maybe its carving out time to read your favorite magazine. Whatever it is for you, just do it.

If today's challenge reveals that what makes you happy does not readily come to mind, first, be gracious with yourself.  Then, spend some time thinking about things that have brought you happiness or joy in the past and how you can recreate them (or a version of them) in the present.