Bonus Episode: Self-Care is Mandatory - Alexandra Sampson Interviewed by the Women of ThicRoots Podcast


In this bonus episode of SheTime, Host Alexandra Sampson is interviewed by Cidney and Jade on their podcast -- ThicRoots Podcast -- about her personal self-care journey and the impetus behind starting the SheFirst Project.

Cidney, Jade and Alex discuss:

  • How Alex has carved out time for passion projects amidst the busyness of life

  • The SheFirst Project's mission

  • Alex's definition of self-care and what it means to "live on purpose"

  • How Alex teachers her children about self-care

  • The ways in which Alex practices self-care, including one major self-care related decision


For more information about ThicRoots visit:

Also, if you're interested in reading The Art of Money by Bari Tessler with The SheFirst Project's summer 2018 Virtual Book Club, click here for more information. The book club kicks of June 10th.


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