Women & The Invisible Workload with Dr. Emily Stone - S1 E03

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If you've paid attention to opinion columns or your social media feed recently, I'm sure you've seen articles circulating on topics such as "emotional labor", the "mental load", or the "invisible workload."  Those terms have been loosely used to describe the unseen, intellectual, mental and emotional effort required to execute on household and childcare duties.  UrbanMoms blogger Erin Pepler describes it as "[t]he mental weight of doing it all, remembering it all, feeling every emotion in your family and worrying, constantly."

In this episode of SheTime, Alex chats with Dr. Emily Stone, a licensed marriage and family therapist and Assistant Professor at Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC, about Women & The Invisible Workload, and the impact mental busyness has on women and relationships.

Emily and Alex discuss:

  • Emily's professional observations of the challenges of prioritizing self-care
  • What is the invisible workload?
  • Is the invisible workload more prevalent in women than in men?
  • Practical ways to reduce mental busyness

This episode is a part of Season 1 -- the "Women+" series -- of SheTime.


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