Women & Legacy with Laura Roser - S1 E07


In this episode of SheTime, Host Alexandra Sampson sits down with Laura Roser, a leading expert in meaning legacy planning, to discuss the topic Women & Legacy.  Laura is the founder and CEO of Paragon Road, which specializes in passing on non-financial assets (such as one's values, wisdom, and beliefs) and the author of Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets.

Laura and Alex discuss:

  • What prompted Laura to start the #1 meaning legacy planning company in the country
  • What the legacy planning process entails
  • The essential things women should consider before they begin planning their legacies 
  • The importance of developing a personal legacy statement, and how to do so
  • How aspects of our legacy change and evolve based on various seasons in life
  • What readers can expect to get out of Laura's book
  • Laura's self-care routine and rituals

This episode is a part of Season 1 -- the "Women+" series -- of SheTime.


For more information about Laura, Paragon Road, and Laura's book, visit:

Also, you can download the first chapter of Your Meaning Legacy for free here: Your Meaning Legacy - Chapter 1

Ready to craft your personal legacy statement? Check out examples of Personal Legacy Statements: http://paragonroad.com/personal-legacy-statement-examples/


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