Women & The Superwoman Syndrome with Dr. Erica James - S1 E09

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Yes, the "Superwoman Syndrome" is real and in this episode of SheTime, Host Alexandra Sampson chats with Dr. Erica James, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Francis Marion University, about it. 

In 2015, Dr. James conducted a study to investigate whether the Superwoman Schema has a potential impact on the psychological health status of African American women. Dr. James also recently served as a guest facilitator for the SheFirst Project’s spring 2018 articles club discussion of Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome.

Dr. Erica and Alex discuss:

  • What is the "superwoman syndrome", and the history behind it as it relates to women of African descent

  • How to detect if the superwoman syndrome is impacting you

  • Whether there's a difference in how women experience the superwoman syndrome based upon factors, such as race and/or socioeconomic status

  • Practicals for overcoming the syndrome

  • Dr. Erica's self-care rituals

This episode is a part of Season 1 -- the "Women+" series -- of SheTime.


To review the articles covered during The SheFirst Project's Articles Club discussion of the topic Take Off The Cape: Overcoming The Superwoman Syndrome, click here

For more information about Dr. Erica:


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