Becoming Leyla Santiago - S2 E01

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Host Alexandra Sampson launches the sophomore season of SheTime by chatting with award winning journalist, Leyla Santiago. Leyla is currently a correspondent for CNN based in Mexico City, and has served as an anchor and reporter for news stations in Alaska, California, North Carolina and Virginia. Most recently, Leyla extensively covered the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico where she was one of the first to reach some of the more remote parts of the island. She’s currently partnering with the Hispanic Federation on a fundraising campaign named Dear Corozal to provide continued assistance and supplies to the residents of Corozal — Leyla’s hometown in the countryside of Puerto Rico.

Leyla and Alex discuss:

  • Leyla’s move from Puerto Rico to the States as a young girl

  • Service as a form of self-care

  • Her love for journalism

  • What it was like to cover Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the island’s current needs, and continued recovery efforts she’s involved in

  • Her daily self-care practices

  • Who she’s becoming

This episode is a part of Season 2 -- the "Becoming" series -- of SheTime.


For more information about Leyla and her work in journalism view her profile on CNN.

For more information about the Dear Corozal project and to support the continued recovery efforts visit the GoFundMe page.


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