Becoming Courage Molina - S2 E03

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During today’s episode of SheTime, Host Alexandra Sampson talks with Courage Molina. Courage is a minister, entrepreneur coach, speaker and author based out of Charlotte, NC. She is the founder of Courage Molina Ministries, which she describes as a movement of God to encourage and equip individuals to transform their lives. In 2018, Courage released her first book — Power Principles: Courageous Living. In the book, Courage’ shares a story of transformation revealing how she was able to overcome depression, save her marriage and live life anew. She also provides strategies to empower and equip women to exchange their struggles for strength.

Courage and Alex discuss:

  • How she received the name “Courage”

  • How she has overcome life obstacles and depression to become the woman she is called to be and to encourage other women to do the same

  • How being a teen mother transformed her life and grounded her

  • The 5 power principles (identity, forgiveness, faith, relationships, growth) described in her book

  • Her budding self-care routine and “miracle morning” practice

  • Who she’s becoming

This episode is a part of Season 2 -- the "Becoming" series -- of SheTime.


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