Becoming Morgan Kline - S2 E06

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In this episode of SheTime, Host Alexandra Sampson talks with wife, mom, personal trainer and business owner Morgan Kline. Morgan is the co-founder and COO of Burn Bootcamp — one of the hottest and fastest growing fitness franchises in the United States. Morgan is also the host of Coffee & Kettlebells, a podcast covering hot topics such as nutrition, fitness, self-help, entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Morgan and Alex discuss:

  • How she met her husband, Devan Kline, and the evolution of their relationship

  • What prompted her transition from corporate America into fitness training / health and wellness

  • The origins of Burn Bootcamp

  • The one value she learned early on in life that she still holds on to today

  • How she manages business, marriage, and motherhood, and her tips for doing so

  • What prompted her to start her podcast — Coffee & Kettlebells — and how podcasting has made her more vulnerable

  • How she combats mommy guilt and manages to “turn off” (business and other) distractions when with family

  • Her self-care routine and who she’s becoming

This episode is a part of Season 2 -- the "Becoming" series -- of SheTime.


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