Contributor / Guest Blogger

The SheFirst Project is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for volunteer Contributors and Guest Bloggers to write for our blog – SHEISM. Deadline (for Contributors): Saturday, April 29th!  More details (and apply), below.


To research and write blog posts on topics related to self-care for women.


  • Research, write & publish blog posts in accordance with our Blogging Guidelines
  • Write blog posts in an engaging and conversational style
  • Choose relevant subject matter that will be of interest to our readership
  • Respond to blog post comments from readers

Time Commitment:

  • Contributor: Submit one blog post every 8 weeks
  • Guest Blogger: Submit one or more blog posts on an as desired / needed basis

Skill Requirements:

  • Personal or professional experience in self-care topics such as time management, health and wellness (mental, emotional, physical), finances, relationships, spirituality, and life and career coaching.
  • Strong writing, computer and Internet skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines

Contributor vs. Guest Blogger – What’s the Difference?


  • Contributors provide content to SHEISM on a consistent, regularly scheduled basis.
    • For 2017, contributors will be responsible for submitting 4 blog posts for the year
  • Contributors will be listed on The SheFirst Project website’s Contributors Page, with their photo, bio, link to all SHEISM blog posts, and link to their personal / professional website and social media sites, if applicable.
  • Recommended for individuals who:
    • can commit to contribute blog content according to a set schedule
    • want to enhance their profile on The SheFirst Project website
    • want to write blog posts relevant to a particular field / topic (e.g. fitness)

Guest Bloggers

  • Guest bloggers provide content to SHEISM on an as desired / needed basis.
  • Guest blogger content is published based on capacity and topic relevance.
  • Recommended for individuals who:
    • want to submit only a single blog post
    • want to submit more than one blog post, but are uncertain about the timing
    • are not yet ready, or are unable, to commit to contributing on a set schedule
    • do not have an area of expertise, but would like to share a self-care experience

Why Should I Write for SheFirst?

  • Help build a community that encourages and supports self-care for women
  • It may help you build your reputation as an expert in a particular field / on a particular topic
  • Writing can be cathartic and a form of self-care for the author
  • Because we’d love to have you and we think we’re building something pretty amazing

How to Apply & Next Steps:

For Contributor Applicants:

  • Apply via the "Contributor Applicant" link, below.
    • All contributor applicants should submit an application no later than Saturday, April 29th
  • Contributor applicants will be asked to provide:
    • A short bio (no more than 100 words, please) and a headshot
    • A sample blog post, pursuant to our Blogging Guidelines
      • If selected your sample blog post will serve as your first blog entry for SHEISM
    • Their blog slot / publication preference
      • If selected as a Contributor, your blog slot will be your blog posting schedule
      • The 2017 blog slots and dates are:

B2: May 15, Jul 10, Sep 4, Oct 30
B3: May 22, Jul 17, Sep 11, Nov 6
B4: Jun 5, Jul 31, Sep 25, Nov 20
B5: Jun 12, Aug 7, Oct 2, Nov 27
B6: Jun 19, Aug 14, Oct 9, Dec 4

For example, if you select blog slot B2 you will be responsible for submitting blog posts to be published on May 15, July 10, September 4, and October 30.

For Guest Blogger Applicants:

  • Apply via the "Guest Blog Submission" link, below.
  • Guest blogger applicants will be asked to provide:
    • A short bio (no more than 100 words, please) and a headshot
    • Your guest blog post, pursuant to our Blogging Guidelines
  • Guest bloggers can submit posts for consideration at any time throughout the year.

  • However, there are a limited number of guest blog slots so submitting by April 29th will help to ensure that your guest blog post 1) receives placement in 2017 and 2) is slotted earlier in the year.


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